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Sex Positions With The Woman On Top

So even though most people make love in the man on top position, there's a great deal to be said for employing an approach with the woman on top during lovemaking!

It's all about the reversal of roles, a reversal which can make sex something really exciting and different for both partners. We all know how men like to be in control and in charge, particularly during sex... but the fact is, it can be a huge relief to many men to give up the burden of leading and initiating and controlling how lovemaking works.

sexual techniques with the woman on top

And for women it can be very exciting to use a range of methods for lovemaking where they actually have the opportunity to express their dominance and their sexuality to the full.

Women can be really thrilled and turned on by the power to tell their man that they are in charge during sex, that they are leading for once, and that now they have a chance to get sexual fulfillment and excitement from being on top.

But do woman on top sex techniques really represent such a shift from the conventional position? The answer is "yes"; it obviously does, and I'm not talking just about the physical changes.

When the man is on top, he's likely to get a lot of pleasure from sexual intercourse, because he can thrust deeply, he can control the pace of sex, and he can allow himself to be overcome by his deep animal instincts which at some point will make him want to thrust hard and fast and ejaculate inside his partner.

When his partner is on top, as she is in the woman on top sex position, things shift radically: this is a technique where he can give up his desire to be in control, he can be the recipient of exciting sexual sensations that will please him just as much as when he's on top, but which give him an added dimension of relaxation, passivity, receptivity.

Call it what you will, woman on top sex can be a massive relief for a man when he lies back and takes what his woman gives him!

And for women, these sex positions and the lovemaking techniques they offer represent an opportunity to move as fast or as vigorously as they like, in the position that suits them best.

And, in practice, what this means is that the techniques of clitoral stimulation and female thrusting allow the woman to take much greater pleasure during intercourse. To move in a way that gives them the greatest pleasure. This is an opportunity for women to come during sexual intercourse!

It's often said that woman on top sex is the one for great orgasms for the woman, since it allows her to control the depth and pace of thrusting.

However, one of the things we must not overlook in this is that for many women, technique isn't about the grosser movements of sexual intercourse, but about the finer and more refined movements of the man and woman which stimulate her clitoris. You can see pictures of the clitoris here, and cock pictures of the penis here..

For this to be successful, the man must have a working knowledge of his partner's body - and probably also of her sexual responses.... now, how is he going to get that? Possibly by reading some informative manual? We haven't heard the term "sex manual" for years, yet it is appropriate. Here's one of the best contemporary ones - Lloyd Lester's Orgasm by Command - and you can find a genuine review of Orgasm by Command here.

Woman on top - Facing towards each other

aka "Cowgirl"

Approaches to sex with woman on top

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Techniques for sexual intercourse

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Systems for intercourse

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Lovemaking methodology

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Facing away (aka "Reverse Cowgirl")
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New lovemaking techniques

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New sexual techniques

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Edge of the bed techniques
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But there's a lot more to woman on top sex than just giving the woman an orgasm.

Women delight in giving their partners pleasure during intercourse. And while a man certainly gets pleasure in the man on top sex position, there's something radically different about having the woman on top: the way that the woman gives the man pleasure is through using active, deliberate, feminine skills of sexual pleasure.

And as every man who has had any experience of sex knows, every woman has a deep, deep knowledge about how to tease, how to pleasure, and how to sexually fulfill any man she's with, if she puts her mind to it.

But you know what? There is actually something more exciting and more intense about woman on top sex as well – when a woman is aroused, her sexuality can be immensely powerful… probably more powerful than a man's.

To have the best sex, a man needs to have complete control over when he ejaculates. So, just for a moment imagine having complete ejaculation control. Imagine being able to choose when you ejaculate during sex. Imagine being able to make love for just as long as you want.

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And yet the use of these exciting new - or at least different - techniques is something we so rarely see in the interaction of men and women during their lovemaking.

We're still bound by a convention that says men should get their pleasure, take their pleasure, really, however they like, and that somehow the woman's pleasure is almost secondary. Sex is seen as an act that is "for the man" because he has a high sex drive, and really the woman is almost obligated to give him sex when he wants it.

Sexual Techniques To Please Both Partners

But woman on top sex reverses all that, it smashes through the illusions, it smashes through the conventions: it's about the woman being on top, in both the physical and figurative sense.

She can take her own pleasure, she can give her man pleasure – that's what the woman on top sex position is all about.

When a woman is dominant, on top, she can stimulate her vagina, and her G spot, in exactly the way she likes on her man's erect penis, simply by moving her body in the way that gives her the greatest and most pleasurable sensations.

What's more, because the woman doesn't have the weight of her partner resting on her she can move very freely.

 In essence, woman on top sex positions don't just give the woman the opportunity for pleasure, they allow her to experience the whole gamut of her sexuality, they allow her to experience sexual sensations that she might never experience in other positions, and they allow her to reach orgasm if she so desires.

Now what about woman on top sexual positions from a practical point of view? Well you might think it's easy, but there are some points to be aware of, especially if you're a novice in this field.

To start with, if the man is lying on his back on the bed, it's easy enough for the woman to sit on him, using a kneeling position, with her vagina directly over his erect penis.

How easy she finds it to insert his penis into her vagina may depend on the angle and stiffness of his erection – if it points directly up towards his chest and is hard and stiff, particularly if his penis is small, then she may need to angle the upper part of her body forwards so that her chest is nearer his, to gain easy penetration.

If not, she can squat over him, and ride his erect penis vertically up and downwards, giving him great pleasure as she does so.

The more upright his penis is, the more a woman can maintain a vertical position when making love (I'm talking here about when the man's lying on his back). But the more stiff and horizontal his penis is, the more she will have to lean forward to allow comfortable intercourse.

In some cases however, a woman can lean all the way backwards, which flexes the man's erection considerably, and in the process puts a lot of pressure on the sensitive area of her G spot inside her vagina.

This can be deeply satisfying for her but it does need some caution to ensure that the man is comfortable and his erection is not overstretched.

Once again, as we said on the man on top sex positions page, how much pleasure you get from sex depends on the angle of penetration and the angle of the erect penis thrusting in the vagina during intercourse.

But there's only one way that you as a couple can determine what's best for you – and that's to try it all out!

Do keep in mind that some couples find body to body contact very arousing and exciting, and so if this is true for you, then you may want to adapt the sexual position so that you are using to get full contact with each other: you can see how this is done in the photographs.

As you can also appreciate, a horizontal position for both partners allows intimate kissing and possibly makes the fondling of her breasts slightly easier, although most men generally don't find any trouble at all getting a hand on their partner's breasts during lovemaking!

Like I said, having the woman leaning forward during lovemaking is the sex position to use when you're feeling loving and intimate and you want gentle caressing and kissing with your partner.

Note that this is a position that has other advantages too - it's possible for the man to reach his partner's clitoris, and for her to reach down and fondle his balls and perineum, and perhaps even his anus: which, as you will already have discovered if you're an enlightened sexual couple, can be very arousing for the man (and of course I should point out at this stage that anal stimulation is no less arousing for the woman!).

Now you can take these things a step further, by adapting the woman on top sex position to what looks like an "edge of the bed" way of making love.

Look at the picture which shows where the man is lying back on the bed with the woman sitting over his legs - this is an incredibly sexy and powerful position!

She has loads of leverage, so she can thrust hard and fast, or slow and gently as she chooses; the man can lie back and relax, take what she gives him; and best of all, a woman has the power to move her hips in a circular dance whilst enfolding his erect penis in her vagina. This can produce some of the most exquisite sensations of all lovemaking.

Now, an easy adaptation is to turn the woman on top sex position into a sitting position for lovemaking. You can see how this is done from the photographs, and there isn't a great deal to say about it other than to highly recommend that you try it out!

It's a wonderful, intimate, sexy, and satisfying sexual position. And since both partners can move to some degree, or relax in comfort, it's also a great position for men who experience premature ejaculation and want to know how to control it!

Being able to relax, stop moving, and just recover your self-control during intercourse is a great way of learning about ejaculation control.

There are of course other ways of learning how to control premature ejaculation - the condition which exists when a man ejaculates too fast to satisfy either himself or his partner during sexual intercourse - such as buying into one of the few treatment programs for rapid ejaculation which actually works and allows a man to develop some measure of control over his ejaculation (e.g. Ejaculation By Command). Click here to find out more.

Now as we all know, men love rear entry sex – it's the sight of her buttocks, and the erect shaft of his penis sliding in and out of her body between them that can be so stimulating.

So why not adapt woman on top sex so that you get the full thrill of rear entry at the same time? For women, it can be a very empowering experience to make love not only in a dominant position, but also in one where is an association of wantonness and unbridled sexuality.

This is the sex position – woman facing away from the man while she remains on top – that can do this for both partners. Admittedly, if the man's penis is not able to flex easily, this may not be a comfortable position, but for those couples where the shape and orientation of the male member and the woman's juicy haven are able to accommodate such sexual gymnastics, the thrills can be well worthwhile.

The advantages and disadvantages of sex using these sexual techniques.

One factor to bear in mind is that this may not be the best sexual position to use if you are a man who has issues with delayed or retarded ejaculation, since it does not necessarily provide the level of stimulation necessary to get you to the point of orgasm and ejaculation during lovemaking.

Much better to use a retarded ejaculation treatment program to get over this problem and discover how to ejaculate normally during sex. Note that if you are simply interested in getting better sex, or learning how to have better sex, then there are plenty of resources available to you which can give you all the knowledge on how to overcome sexual dysfunction.

Many people think that delayed ejaculation is a rare condition, but in fact it spoils sex for as many as one man in twelve; this clearly is a sexual dysfunction of major importance for a great many men.

The advantages of woman on top sex include the fact that the woman has great power during sex, with the dominant role that allows her to control the speed and the rhythm of sex, not to mention the depth of thrusting, as well as the angle of penetration.

In short, the woman really has control of all the factors that allow the couple to enjoy sex more; and not only is she able to give herself great pleasure, but she's also able to control how the couple interact and by doing so she may well be able to regulate the speed of the man's approach to his orgasm and ejaculation.

A woman can lean forward or backward during woman on top sex which allows his penis to stimulate her vagina in a way that gives her the greatest pleasure.

If the man seems to be approaching orgasm too fast, then the woman can use a variety of methods to slow things down so that he can recover his self-control, while maintaining enough stimulation on her G spot to ensure that her own sexual arousal does not drop too much.

There's probably no man alive who doesn't enjoy a session of sexual teasing from his partner, a sexual technique which is considerably easier in the woman on top sex position. She can move very slowly, or extremely quickly, or a combination of both, teasing his shaft or his glans by gripping them with her vaginal muscles as she moves.

Another technique she can use is to remain still, and squeeze his penis with her vagina or muscles so that he reaches orgasm from this exquisite sensation alone.

(Although a certain amount of Kegel exercising may be necessary to make this happen! In case you don't know, the Kegel technique provides exercises that tighten up the vaginal muscles.

One frequently mentioned test of the fitness of the vaginal muscles is whether or not a woman can squeeze a peeled banana into two portions by the pressure of her vaginal muscles alone... of course the banana does have to be inside her at the time!)

The men who love woman on top sex often find it a huge relief to be relieved of their responsibility of knowing how to produce orgasms – although, of course, some people might argue that no matter how good his sexual technique, a man has no power to make a woman come!

In reality I would argue that the majority of couples are in a dynamic whereby the woman does look to a man to help her reach orgasm. That seems to be a very well established sexual pattern, although it's great fun for couple to use arousing masturbation techniques in front of each other.

Furthermore, if the man's lying back and enjoying the pleasure that his partner's giving him he doesn't necessarily have to worry quite as much about the speed with which he's going to reach orgasm and ejaculate, although as always, worrying about ejaculation tends to speed that very event up.

It's also worth remembering that when you're making love, the longer the period of time for which you spin out intercourse, the more intense the orgasms will be at the end of it. This is particularly true if you have a lot of bodily contact (which is possible in the woman on top position), with plenty of caressing of breasts, chest, back, buttocks, clitoris, scrotum, thighs and so on....

And for those men who like breasts more than buttocks, this is a great sex position because the woman's breasts are more visible, and more easily caressed then they are in any other sexual position.

Taken together with the fact that the man can see his erect penis moving in and out of his partner's body, and you have a recipe for a considerable variety of sexual techniques and a powerful orgasm.

Now like all good things, there are some disadvantages to the woman on top sex position.

First and foremost, the man's movement is rather limited, although if you're going for a position in which that's your objective – to make the man relax – then this begins to look more of an advantage than a problem.

Nonetheless, many men who feel they need to be in control during intercourse may find it more challenging to relax than their partner would expect.

A certain degree of firmness on the part of the female partner when she uses this lovemaking technique may be required to ensure that the man achieves the maximum relaxation, passivity, and receptivity of his partner's attentions.

Another difficulty, to which I have already referred, is that of the man's angle of erection. If it's too hard and upright, and lies against his belly when he's on his back, without much flexibility, then it's possible that the variety of postures that you can adopt in this sex position are going to be somewhat limited.

Having said that, the positive way to look at this is that it is yet another sex position a man can enjoy when he has a small penis (for those are the ones which tend to have a stiff, inflexible erection).

Like everything else in sex, you can either spend time moaning about it, or you can turn it into an advantageous sexual technique and enjoy it!

And so our final perceived disadvantage is that if a woman is squatting over her man and giving him pleasure as they make love, she may find that her knees and thighs come under some strain.

Obviously, the way to deal with this is for her to lean forwards or backwards so that the pressure comes off her knees, and for her to make sure that she doesn't spend so long in one position that she gets uncomfortable.

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And I close the section on this wonderful sex position with a warning: that is, if the woman is riding vertically up and down the man's hard member, it's very easy indeed for her to go up so high that he slips out of her, and for her then to come down hard on his penis.... this is not recommended, as it can bend the penis so much that it fractures.

(Not, I hasten to add, in any sense that a bone breaks, but in the sense that the internal chambers of the penis, which are made of fibrous tissue, can be severely damaged).

Therefore, always exercise a certain amount of care when using novel sexual techniques, and make sure this doesn't happen. Conversely, of course, for a man with a long erection this is a tremendously satisfying sexual technique.

His partner can control the depth to which he penetrates her, while giving him the utmost pleasure. You see, I told you that in every perceived disadvantage there was an advantage!