Sex Techniques With The Woman On Top

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Woman on top sex techniques


  • A very exciting sex position

  • Gives a woman a good chance of reaching orgasm

  • Will provide a woman with a sense of excitement

  • Makes her feel she's in control and powerful

  • Changes her from the submissive to the dominant partner

  • Gives her more psychological power during sex

  • She can control the speed and rhythm of sex

  • The man can see his partner's breasts - exciting for him

  • The woman can initiate and lead during sex

  • The woman can control the depth of thrusting

  • The man may relax and relinquish control - a refreshing experience for him, perhaps

The woman on top sex position described - basic woman on top

We all know how the basic woman on top sex position works: the woman straddles the man as he lies on his back. He know that his movements going to be limited, because he's carrying her weight. This means that she can control the depth of thrusting, as well as the rhythm and speed of sex.

For many women this degree of control is a completely new experience - and a very welcome one!

So what are the advantages? Well, first of all, the partners can see each other. He can stroke her breasts, clitoris, back, and to some degree her buttocks, while she can play with his chest, upper body, and you can reach round and fondle his testicles.

The great advantage of this is that the fact the woman can move her hips in a variety of ways. First she can enjoy pelvic thrusting, or she can move her hips in a circular motion which will give the man a great deal of sexual excitement.

She can control the depth to which he enters her, so that she gets the exact stimulation she needs inside her vagina.

If he has ejaculatory problems, this may be a successful way of treating the delay in his ejaculation so that he regains the ability to ejaculate inside a normal time scale.

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Variations of woman on top sex

The woman lies on top

One of the great advantages in woman on top sex is that the feelings can be very intense. Even better, the woman has the capacity to control how intense they are by closing her thighs or opening them wide.

You can see how this works in some of the photographs below. It's entirely possible for sex to take place with the woman's thighs outside the man's, or the man's thighs outside the woman's.

This can produce extremely intense stimulation to the penis, and may well make a man ejaculate very quickly. It also limits the depth of penetration, which can be extremely useful for the woman if her man has very large penis.

Other variations on woman on top sex positions

Many other variations are possible when the woman leans forward or backwards. As you may well imagine, this controls the angle of the penis and vagina, and produces very different sensations for both partners.

The great advantage is that the woman can find a position where her G spot is stimulated most intensely.

The woman on top faces away from the man

One of the problems that may arise during the sexual experimentation is that a man's penis may be bent uncomfortably, particularly in position known as the reverse cowgirl.

The reverse cowgirl is when the woman is riding the man while facing away from him.

Many men, particularly those whose penises are hard and erect and point directly upwards, will find the bending of the penis is too uncomfortable to sustain this sex position, in which case the woman should adopt the more conventional cowgirl position as shown in the second row of photographs (number one).

The woman on top faces towards the man

You can play with each other's bodies - in particular the woman's anus or the man's balls are very accessible, and kissing and licking is enjoyable too - especially her breasts.

An intimate embrace

This is a very interesting variation that goes far beyond simple mechanical sex - it's a lovers embrace at every level: emotional, psychological and physical. If each member of the couple has a degree of support, they can remain locked around each other for long periods of time, only moving enough to sustain man's erection.

This can produce great intimacy, particular the couple can resist thrusting, as they enjoy talking, gazing at each other, and loving each other through mutual touch on all the available areas of the body.

In fact, it's a great Tantric position. Which allows for profound energy flow and the connection between the partners.

Other variations on a theme

A man's viewpoint

As a man I have some strong opinions about woman on top sex. In fact, it's actually one of my favorites. I love the sense of being able to relax from taking the dominant role during sex, underlying my partner to take charge.

One of the things that women often don't realize that men is that the burden of leading and controlling during sexual activity can be tedious and difficult after a while.

It's a great experience for the woman to take charge, not only because she then has much more control over the way in which she reaches orgasm, but also because the man relinquishes responsibility for taking the woman towards orgasm.

Instead, he can just relax and enjoy the experience of being made love to buy his partner. Some women may not like this, claiming that it's never the man's job to make the woman come, but they sure enjoy female orgasm massage videos, when the man is skilled enough to get it to happen! My experience in suggests that most women expect the man to give them an orgasm most of the time!

The way this has been justified to me is by women saying things like "it's much more fun if you do it".

Of course I have no objection to that -- it's very exciting, and even somewhat flattering, for a man when he takes woman to orgasm.

But the truth is that sex is a shared experience, and to make sure that's the way it stays, sometimes the woman needs take charge. That is - if all my physical ailments don't get in the way - my gout in particular!

It's also very clear to me that my partner actually enjoys taking charge in this way: she has the power, when she can tease me by riding me slowly or quickly as she chooses; this power over a man is a wonderful thing for my woman, because she can take me to the brink of sexual ecstasy time after time after time, finally giving me enough stimulation so that I have a massive orgasm.

You see, men often feel they need to ejaculate as quickly as possible: certainly that's what their instincts tell them to do! In reality, however, sex is much better if it takes a long time to build up towards orgasm.

Let's not overlook something else of crucial importance here: women want the opportunity to be able to give pleasure to their men, and woman on top sex is a profoundly satisfying way to do it.

Provided the two partners are not hung up on dividing the sex roles in a certain way, the variation can provide everybody with excitement - and of course, as we know, excitement is very necessary for sex life to be good - and stay that way.

Remember also that if a woman is having trouble taking charge, then it's an issue she might want to look at - and what better way to do it than during sex! Fun and educational!

And for the man, the same applies: if he's having trouble relinquish control during sex, then he can learn how to do so when his partner enjoys woman on top sexual pleasure.

Depending on whether you adopt the reverse cowgirl or the conventional cowgirl, the man has the pleasure of seeing the woman's buttocks or her breasts, but in either case he's guaranteed added excitement simply because he has such a good view of her body.

As she leans towards or away from him, his penis will experience different degrees of pressure & stimulation. This can provide more excitement, variation, and in the end more satisfaction. All in all, this sex position can satisfy everybody.

Have an orgasm during sex by controlling the pace of sex, the angle and depth of penetration, and the pressure on her clitoris, becomes a restful experience for the man. This time he can lie back and enjoy it! 

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