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Sex Positions With The Man On Top

Men very often like novelty to keep them interested in sex with the same partner.

That need to experience novelty can be fulfilled in many different ways, the occasional romantic weekend in a luxury hotel, making love out of doors, or even for those with a very consistent sexual routine, just putting the woman on top during a session of intercourse. And, of course, by using new and different sexual techniques, often derived from porn on the Internet,

Judging by the figures, we certainly do like to look at Internet pornography, and it is indeed a great source of ideas and inspiration for sexual techniques. Yet sadly, internet porn addiction is a big problems these days, and there seems to be evidence it is interfering with people's sex lives - and not in a good way, causing erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.

Fortunately, man on top sex offers plenty of new and exciting techniques that still feel comfortable and allow men to experience a sense of dominance, while the woman can feel passive or receptive during sexual intercourse.

sexual techniques

sexual techniques

sexual techniques

sexual techniques
sexual techniques sexual techniques

And that's no bad thing: when men feel dominant, they probably are fulfilling some very deep biological urge to take their woman sexually, and when women feel passive or receptive, they too are probably fulfilling a very deep and ancient biological urge to be taken sexually.

Let's face it, we all like to experience the same, safe, familiar thing during sex a lot of the time, spiced up occasionally with some new techniques -- unless, I guess, we are in the early stages of a new relationship when novelty and excitement can really make a heck of a difference to the satisfaction that we get out of making love.

sexual techniques sexual techniques
sexual techniques  

There are some practical aspects to the sexual techniques we can employ in the man on top position: there's a lot of bodily contact, which can be very satisfying to both sexes; the man can lick and kiss the woman's breasts, albeit with some maneuvering around; the couple are able to look at each other and easily talk to each other as they have sex; the man can watch the woman's reaction as his penis enters her body; and the woman is able to wrap her legs around her man's legs or back as he thrusts into her.

And let's be honest - as we all know, these are greatly satisfying lovemaking techniques. But when the man makes love on top, he tends to ejaculate quite quickly because it puts a strain on the man's muscles. This can cause him to build up a level of bodily tension which makes him ejaculate more quickly. Should you need help in lasting longer, then this may be the place to look for special techniques to help you last longer in bed.

Men who like to watch what's happening as they make love can get an even bigger thrill from the man on top sex position and all its variations by simply raising themselves up on their arms so that they can see their partner's body and look down to see the arousing and exciting vision of their hard erect cock sliding in and out of their partner's juicy vagina.

When the urge to thrust hard and deep takes over, as it does for many men at some point during intercourse, as passion rises and instinct takes over, this is an ideal position which that urge can be completely expressed, giving great satisfaction and pleasure to both the man and woman.

What sexual techniques can I use in this position?

Do you have erectile dysfunction? If you ever wonder if it might be possible to enjoy a more reliable erection, wonder no more. Whatever your erection problem, there is an answer.

The simplest technique is to vary the pace of your thrusting. For women who like hard and fast thrusting, man on top sex positions are absolutely ideal: they allow the man to thrust hard and fast!

Although it's usually said that women don't reach orgasm during intercourse, it is in fact possible for the man on top sex position to produce absolutely brilliant orgasms for the woman provided that the man is able to thrust for a long period of time without ejaculating prematurely (which in this case means before his partner has reached orgasm or is otherwise satisfied).

Such techniques allow a man to support himself on his arms without squashing his partner for as long as may be necessary in this sexual position for her to reach orgasm.

The key to her reaching orgasm is in moving around until he finds a position in which is penis is producing tension on her clitoris. This is usually achieved by either thrusting in such a way that her labia are pulled downwards on each stroke and so stimulate her clitoral glans, or by adopting the coital alignment technique or CAT sex position.

Video: The Coital Alignment Technique

Coital alignment techniques

Another technique you can use is to adapt the sex position so that the man's pubic bone presses down on her clitoris with each thrust. Clearly this is all about a couple knowing each other well enough to be confident enough to pause, move and experiment during sex.

Sexual methods

sexual techniques

Sexual techniques

sexual techniques

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sexual techniques

sexual techniques sexual techniques
sexual techniques sexual techniques

Of course there are plenty of methods you can use to vary your approach in the man on top sex positions.

You can see many of these in the photographs of different approaches to sexual positions.

However, the essence of man on top variation is all about the position of the woman's legs and pelvis.

She has a great technique at her disposal to make sex more enjoyable for them both - she can move her legs anywhere from lying horizontally on the bed, right up so that they are on the man's shoulders as he kneels in front of her and thrusts into her vulva.

So man on top techniques are exceptionally sexy, as you can see from the photographs, but the methods used do also require a couple to be flexible and able to sustain a slightly more tiring posture during lovemaking.

And that's important for men who tend to come quickly - any posture which puts strain a man's arm and and legs will tend to make him come even more quickly than normal. Since orgasm is essentially a build up of tension and the release at the moment of climax, it's crucial that if you experience premature ejaculation you find a sex position which des not increase the amount of tension in your body.

sexual techniques sexual techniques

Regrettably, age has a lot to do with how successful these various approaches to sex actually are.

What I have found from my own experience is that having the woman raise one leg so that it's on my shoulder is actually very comfortable, but unfortunately the same may not be true for every couple!

The best way to find out what you enjoy most during lovemaking is to actually use the pictures as a guide to the different postures and positions you can try out with the man on top.

The other major aspect of sex that will affect how comfortable you are in different sexual positions is the angle at which your penis enters your partner's vagina if you're a man, that is.

For the woman, the angle of the man's penis, and also to some degree its shape and thickness, will determine how much stimulation she gets on her G spot, which is the most sensitive area of the vagina.

And since not all couples are the same size, either in the penis department or the vagina department, there's no way of knowing whether a particular sex technique will be comfortable before you try it.

However, one thing which will make it comfortable will be to ensure that you have no physical problems or issues which may cause physical pain or discomfort during intercourse.

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Of course once you move beyond the purely physical satisfaction of different postures, there are things like intimacy and pleasing your partner to consider.

Man on top is quite a difficult techniques for relaxing during intercourse. Side-by-side positions are much better for a pause during lovemaking. But for intimate sexual connection, it's hard to beat man on top, for all the reasons that we've mentioned above.

To start with, if you're a man with a long erection, you'll want to go gently at first when you thrust because hitting a woman's cervix if she isn't really aroused can be quite uncomfortable for her.

Next, depending on the shape of your erection, the angle of her vagina, you may want to try altering the angle of her pelvis by placing cushions underneath her bottom to raise or lower it.

You'll also be to alter the angle of her vagina by asking her to move her knees and legs upwards towards her chest, or down onto the bed.

Some of these variations will give really deep penetration which can be incredibly exciting for both the man and woman; unfortunately, very deep penetration has the same effect on a lot of men as vigorous thrusting they ejaculate very quickly.