Manifesting a better sex life

How to use an orgasm to manifest

Now this is an interesting idea – the idea that orgasm can be used to enhance the process of manifestation.

If you don't already know, manifestation is a process by which people use the power of their minds to manifest a change in the physical reality of their world. In other words, it's a bit like goalsetting on steroids!

Now I don't want to diminish the process of manifestation or the power of the laws of attraction (which govern that process) by making light of this phenomenon.

As anybody who has used manifestation successfully will know, it can seem like a truly miraculous process – indeed, perhaps it is a truly miraculous process!

Certainly one of the key components of manifestation, no matter how you do it, is the transfer of energy from one form into another – using the power of the mind as a vehicle for this transformation.

Now it follows, I think, that any process that the human body can engage in which involves the generation of large amounts of energy is going to be a potential propellant for the force and direction of the manifestation process.

Indeed, it could well be that if you can harness the energy of something like, oh, let's say, orgasm, then you could actually propel the process manifestation is no rocket driven.

The question would be, naturally enough, how on earth can you use orgasmic energy to increase the likelihood of manifestation success?

Fortunately, Teal Swan has spent some time researching a lot about spiritual sex and manifestation, and she's produced a number of interesting videos on the subject, one of which you can see above.

She makes the point that when anybody orgasms, there's a massive increase in energy, and when two people orgasm together at the same time, that energetic flow is massively greater.

Teal Swan makes the point also that during orgasm, the blending of physical awareness and spiritual awareness is much greater than at any other point in our lives – indeed, awareness of our boundaries breaks down you become one with our partners, and perhaps also "one with the divine".

She supports this proposition by making the point – quite rightly – that orgasmic energy has been used throughout history in spiritual practices to provide both an energetic emotional boost, and an easier and more effective connection with the divine (which, if you prefer, you can call universal consciousness).

There's an attractive and quite logical basis to the proposition that any normal explosive "ejaculatory" orgasm can be used manifestation – after all, it's an explosion of energy into the universe, which is precisely what experts manifestation indicate you need, although they usually suggest that you achieve this explosive release of energy by developing strong emotions around the prospect of manifesting your objective.

As she rightly observes, the craving for orgasm is at its fundamental route, a craving for connection with the divine… Whether you know it or not spiritual basis of all sexual desire.

So how do you use an orgasm in manifestation?

So the objective here appears to be to focus on a particular outcome at the moment of orgasm, at the moment of which this energy is available to you not just for sexual purposes, or sexual enjoyment, but for a wider objective in your life beyond your relationship.

Indeed, as Teal Swan says, what you focus on at the moment of orgasm is what you will conceive – and she's not talking about children!

She gives the example of a person – a woman – who is focusing on her insecurity about her body as she approaches orgasm… The thesis being, that if she reaches orgasm, with its intense emotional energetic state, at the same time as she is focusing on her inadequacy, then she will begin to manifest situations and experiences in her life which demonstrate her the truth of her experience of her body as inadequate.

In essence, therefore, what you focus on moment of orgasm is directed by the huge surge of energy that is released at the moment of orgasm – therefore you'd better make sure that you're focusing on something you want when you come!

Now course in essence that could be a better sexual relationship, or more loving relationship with your partner. But it could also be job promotion.... or anything.

Teal's advice is to focus on your desired outcome in the buildup to orgasm as well as at the moment of orgasm itself - focus on whatever it is that you wish to manifest. The essence of this is using the feeling of orgasm to amplify the sensations associated with whatever you wish to manifest.

You can watch the video above to see more details on this.